Top 5 Sand Dune Destinations

Top 5 Sand Dune Destinations

Sand Dunes in a RZR is what deep snow is to a snowmobiler, double overhead waves are to a surfer and what Ibuprofen is to your brain the morning after your best friends wedding. It's epic and necessary. Ahhh, but dunes aren't available to everyone. Some of you have to travel a long way to get to the goods. Which got us thinking.... where are the best places to ride around here? (here being earth...more specifically...the good ole U S of A) 

Here is our top 5... comment on the Facebook Post if you agree or if we forgot any. 

#1   Imperial Sand Dunes-Glamis, California

40 miles long, 5 miles wide and 118,000 acres, dunes as tall as 300 ft....  It's no wonder they call this place the sand toy capitol. Just look at the photo... need we say more?

#2 St. Anthony Sand Dunes-St. Anthony, Idaho

Just down the road from the snowmobile capital of West Yellowstone, Montana lies the little town of St. Anthony, Idaho. Dunes 300 feet tall and 40,000 acres worth... if you're ever stuck on a family trip to see Old Faithful plan an extra day to ride. There's even a place to rent RZRs in St. Anthony. 

#3 Dumont Dunes-Baker, California

Located 30 miles north of Baker, Calif., the Dumont Sand Dunes serve as the gateway to Death Valley. If you make it to the Death Valley area you'll find 8,150 acres of open sand. Dumont sees a lot less traffic than Glamis so it may be worth the extra effort to get here. 

#4 Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area- 3 locations

The ODNRA is comprised of three separate dune locations – Florence, Winchester Bay and Coos Bay. With roughly 10,000 acres of sand open to ride, each area is unique and unlike the arid dunes of California. Both Florence and Coos Bay areas allow you to ride right onto the beach. If you make in in August, hit up the Oregon Dunefest in Winchester Bay. 

 #5 Coral Pink Sand Dunes–Kanab, Utah 

Named for its reddish colored sand, the Coral Pink Sand dunes are another popular west coast duning location in the RZR-friendly state of Utah. The Dunes are red and you'll feel like you're on Mars (which is almost as cool as PlanetRZR). The Sand Highway, located along the east side of the dunes, offers roller coaster-like, banked switchbacks. You'll find 2,000 acres of sand dunes open to RZRs with miles of trails in the surrounding areas... make sure to bring trail tires. 

Honorable Mention: Little Sahara-Waynoka, Oklahoma

Can't make it out west? OK has better than ok riding right in the Midwest. 

What do you think? Any other places in the midwest, east, south or west that should have made the top 5 list? 



*Cynder is planet RZR's foreign exchange employee. His background is in building hopped up RZRs, rolling sushi, drinking battery acid and trying to find shirts with big enough openings for his massive cranium.