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Looks like you found us! is your new store if you're a Side by Side owner...why? Because we only sell products that fit your beast. 

  • We are dedicated to UTV owners
  • We do this to keep it simple. Just tell us your year make and model and we'll handle the rest. 
  • We're located on Planet Side By Side.... a killer planet with great riding just on the edge of the galaxy.
  • While this store is new, we've been talking to you on facebook and selling online for years. 
  • This site is new...but our knowledge and ties to the UTV community are old, deep and strong. 
  • We're a small crew of here at Less people to pay means killer prices for you to take advantage of. 
  • Give us a call if you have questions (330) 223-1922

Leave a nice review on your favorite products and we'll make sure you're rewarded. (just remind us at checkout by leaving a quick note) 

We're looking to feature your ride ! If you want to get noticed for the hard work, time and love you've given your chariot... send us an email at websitecoach1@gmail. Take your best photos of your ride and try to save them in a largish size .jpg so it looks nice for the world to see. 





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