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Great company to deal with and fast shipping. Goin on the trail in a week 👍👍

32x10x14 CARNIVORE

This is my second set of Carnivores on my X3, best all around tire I have ran for rocks , mud, and trails , new beadlocks on this set , fast shipping , thank ya planet sxs

Tires look great…..

After 10 days, fedex finally delivered 3 out of the 4 tires. So they look nice, but until fedex retrieves my 4th tire from the ether, i’ll not be able to further review them. Speedy service from planet sxs. No complaints there. But fedex swings in valiantly to ruin the day again. Oh well

Great Communication

Ordered 4 of the 10x32 x14 pro armor crawlers and BAM!! SUPER fast shipping.....
Emails to track the order and best pricing around... Got them in time for my open house to show of the rig and the new tires just completed the package.... Planet SXS is the real deal


Smoked stock belt first trip out
Replaced with WBB approx 5 hrs on belt and no issues 35” tires can be a little stubborn to rotate but new belt definitely seems to be holding !!

Great tires and service

Recently bought 30-in canine tires for my Honda talon x. Was getting ready for a trip to hatfields and McCoys. Purchase tires at planet sxs they had great service and prices. The k9 tires proved to be what I was looking for. Excellent grip good ride and would recommend them to anybody. Following week we did mud running and they hooked up fine very happy with them. Once again thank you planet XXX

Love these tires!

Shipping threw fedex was horrible! They lost a 2 of my wheels delivered each one of my tires on different days and when my last 2 wheels showed up it looked like the box had been drug down a paved road! Inner bead of the wheels even had scuffs! Other then that Second set of roxxillas I’ve bought from planet sxs! they’re amazing tires and go in my opinion the best for the rocky terrain I ride.

Best upgrade so far!

Super shipping, and service! The system 3 wheels match my Talon 4x perfectly. The Rampage tires from Maxxis are without a doubt the best upgrade so far! The ride is incredible compared to the original tires. The Rampage tires are a little loose in hard turns but that is expected for the foot print and completely manageable. The look and overall performance is what I was looking for!

28x10x14 carnivore

Performed really good on my x2 wolverine 850 ,mostly sandy trails here in florida.

Best deal

Best deal I could find online the dealer wanted $250 more for the same wheels,fast shipping but 3 wheels showed up on Friday and the 4th one on Monday probably ups's fault not planet sxs,one wheel had a slight ding on the beadlock not enough to send back or mess with trying to ship it back. Planet sxs will not answer there phone or call you back if you have any problems left 2 messages never a call back.

Nice rims look great. Good service by planer sxs

Very Impressed

Wow...this company knocked it out of the box. Fastest free shipping I have ever had for packages of this size. As for the tire package. Looks great on my machine, it drives well. I have not had a chance to put them to the test yet.

Very pleased with the wheels and tires. But I'm not sure why they came with only 2 metal valve stem caps and 2 plastic ones. Overall great customer service.


love these tires and wheels , excellent for all applications you could run into, fast shipping and excellent customer service

System 3 tires and wheels

Nice product at a fair price! Shipping, customer service, and timely communication is the problem. After emails confirming both products were in stock and then placing order. I received the wheels before the tires even shipped, nearly a week before I received 3 tires instead of 4. The 4th tire did however arrive the following day. Then I received an email telling me that receiving 3 tires instead of 4 happens more than NOT! Happy with the product, not so much with the customer service and time it took to ship or the fact that the items were not shipped together.

Thanks again for your order, Phillip!

The wheels and tires were both in stock as stated but did ship from different locations so that could definitely cause them to be delivered at different times. Large items like tires have individual tracking numbers so although they leave all at the same time, it is totally in the hands of the shipping company whether they arrive all at the same time.

Very happy

Order was delivered as promised and very happy with service

STI Roctane XD Tires
Jason Probst
Bought a set of 32” Roctanes

Product came fast! Great business to deal with

Best in the business ******

In the last 3 weeks I’ve ordered two complete wheel and tire packages there customer service is second to none the shipping was fast and the products showed up at my house packaged really well I’m not sponsored to say any off this but will not shop anywhere else from here on out great job 👏

Very happy

We are extremely pleased with the wheels and tires. The quality and performance were everything we had hoped for.

Still waiting!!

I ordered five tires I received three and I’ve been waiting over three weeks for the other two. As far as the tires go I love them.

Excellent deal on combo wheels/tires

Awesome set of 32” Carnivores mounted on HD Red/Black beadlocks! Truly made my RZR stand out .. Fast shipping and great customer service

Nice rims. Did not receive lug nuts with them.

I own a Kawasaki KRX. IT comes with 31 10 15 carnivores. They are great tires. But the XT300 take it to the next level.

Roxxzilla comp tires

Fast shipping and these tires are amazing on rocks and in the mud.