Tips For Safe UTV Riding This Winter

Tips For Safe UTV Riding This Winter
Temperatures drop, snow starts to fall, and the conditions for driving worsen. Despite the trickiness the winter season brings, you can still have fun riding your UTV — as long as you prepare properly.

At PlanetSXS, we are committed to providing you with the parts and accessories you need to off-road safely this winter. From wheels and tires to cab heaters and more, any modifications you make to your UTV will set you up for a safer, more enjoyable ride.

Keep reading for a few of our tips on how to ride your UTV safely this winter!
Know The Basics About Driving In The Winter
UTV riding in the winter requires you to be extra vigilant. Driving conditions can change in an instant, so being on the lookout for changes in weather, path directions, and potential obstacles is key. Yes, have fun and enjoy the ride, but don’t lose sight of the potential dangers.

Driving at a slower speed will also help you avoid dangerous conditions and reduce the risk of skidding out due to ice. Snow, slush, and ice are unpredictable and can cover paths and hide dangers on the path below. Approach turns with caution, avoid showing off with reckless tricks, and don’t be afraid to take it slow.

Knowing the basics about winter UTV driving won’t just keep your UTV safe but you and your riders, too.
Prepare Your UTV For Winter Off-Roading
Making the right modifications to your UTV can make all the difference in winter riding. Simply adding cab heaters or upper doors can turn a cold and blustery ride into a fun and comfortable one.

Shopping our collection of cab heaters is a great idea to keep your UTV cab warm. With designs that are well-suited for most makes and models, you can count on our cab heater to deliver reliable and long-lasting warmth. Their constructions are made to be out-of-sight and easy to install in any cab big or small. With a cab heater added to your UTV, you reduce the risk of temperature-related injuries and can truly enjoy the rides you take.

Enclosing your UTV is also a great choice not just for comfort but for safety while riding. Upper doors can be installed on your powersports vehicle to block out the cold, debris, and the elements of winter.

Aside from adding these enhancements to your UTV, double-check that all of the vehicle’s parts are intact, up to date, and as high-quality as possible. Winter riding requires a safe and durable UTV build, so giving it a thorough lookover is key.

Once your UTV is ready to go, get out there and enjoy the ride!
Make Sure You Have Emergency Equipment
Winter is an unpredictable season. Prepare yourself and your UTV for anything you may encounter with the proper emergency equipment!
Emergency Supplies For UTV Repairs
Make sure you have the tools you need to fix common problems that will arise with your UTV in the winter. With winter riding comes an increase in potential hazards. From something malfunctioning with your UTV to someone needing medical help, being prepared for any kind of emergency is crucial.

When off-roading you run the risk of tire problems, and with snow- and ice-covered paths, that risk only increases. Keeping a spare tire, repair kit, and a jack will set you up for repair success. You can purchase these repair kits premade with the supplies you need to fix your UTV, or, you can pick and choose which supplies you think you’ll need most. Either way, be sure that a flashlight, extra batteries, wrenches, and screwdrivers are staples in your emergency preparedness kit.

If you’re looking for an easy way to prepare for emergencies, shop our pre-packaged tool kits. These kits come complete with the tools you’ll need to repair your UTV’s mechanical issues and get back to riding.
Emergency Supplies For Injuries
Another important aspect in preparing for winter riding is making sure you have the supplies necessary to address injuries.

When off-roading, the most common injuries you’ll encounter are cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Basic first-aid supplies like bandaids, ice packs, and pain relief medications are going to help you deal with injuries until you return from your ride. Sometimes, you’ll need the supplies to deal with more serious injuries. For these instances, you might need bigger bandages, medical tape, hand sanitizer, and more.

It’s especially important that regardless of what supplies you keep for medical emergencies, you make having a charged phone or even a two-way radio a priority. In the event something serious happens to you, other riders, or your UTV, you will want to have a way to reach help.

Though we hope you’ll never need to use your emergency first-aid supplies, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
Adventure Safely With PlanetSXS
The most important tip we have for UTV riding this winter is to trust PlanetSXS as your source for powersports vehicle parts. We offer the best wheels, tires, accessories, and more all from the name brands you love.

No matter where you plan to ride this winter, we want to make sure you do it safely. Equipping your UTV with parts from PlanetSXS will help you do just that.

Don’t wait, shop today and get back on — or off — the road!